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    Yesterday was all war casualties and gun shooting. Today was temples and classes on meditation. Tomorrow we learn Khmer massage techniques, then Cambodian cooking, and take a look at sustainability programs for orphan children. Best birthday present ever. Peace of heart and peace of mind. 🙏

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    Shadow sculptures made of rubbish by Tim Noble & Sue Webster


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  • MAMA DULCE, #BeccaGODINEZ , Direk Mark Arnal , and I!!! ( I look kinda like I have super powers here with te golden eyes!) but #Flipzoids the play was #IZPECTACULAR ! Tomorrow’s the last night , it is a MUST SEE!!! ( and I think you might even get in free tomorrow, just go in after the ticket buyers tomorrow and you might just be blessed with a free pass in!!!!) seriously!!!! So worth it to try!!! 8pm tomorrow @MusicMuseum Sat July 19,2014!!! Check it out!

    July 18 – 1 Notes
  • A MUST SEEE !! Tomorrow is the last day na people!!! ( and I’ll let you in on what Tita Becca told me tonight : if you come in after all the paying ticket buyers YOU CAN GET IN FREE - tomorrow Lang!!!!) seriously people!!! This is real #art!!! #theatre #original #newPlay!!! #awardWINNING WITH A GREAT CAST!!! Seriously GO!!!

    July 18
  • I MET #PATRICE FROM HOW I@MET OUR MOTHER!!! It’s #ellenDwilliams in the #izpectacular Award Winning FilAm Play #FLIPZOIDS BY Ralph B. Peña! The last day is tomorrow July 19, 2014 at Music Museum!!! It is a must see!!! Specially if you have ever lived in the US or want to !!! Very very #Galing !!!!

    July 18